Investment Management

Wealth Navigation’s investment philosophy is to construct portfolios with behavioral characteristics of underlying holdings at the forefront. The performance of these asset categories in times of stress is essential to asset protection and consistency of portfolio returns.

  • We divide our portfolios into three primary asset categories: equity-based, fixed-based and
    non-correlated-based investments. Within these three categories we go deeper into 14 asset classes to create true diversification. We have found that portfolios designed in this manner are more consistent. Portfolio stabilization increases primarily due the proper use of the non-correlated investments and the complimentary nature of the asset classes we recognize.

    The due diligence we perform on funds and their managers sets us apart from other firms. We have a well-defined process and an accredited, experienced investment committee that is able to identify top-tier managers and opportunities for our portfolios. Whether we are reviewing a new alternative hedge fund investment or an international small-cap fund, our experience and our process will highlight top-tier managers.

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