Business Owners

  • Business owners invest a tremendous amount of time, energy and financial assets into establishing and growing their businesses.

    At Wealth Navigation, we take the time with our clients to understand their industry and the goals of the owners in relation to their business and make recommendations where necessary. There are many solutions Wealth Navigation can provide, depending on the structure and scope of your business.

    Our advisors have been involved in transactions with Fortune 100 companies and other acquirers of client businesses. We understand what it takes to prepare, execute and manage the complexities after a sale. We also have the expertise to offer solutions to make sure a closely-held family business stays in the family for generations to come.

  • Wealth Navigation Business Owners Video

    Individual solutions include:

    • Entity Structuring
    • Income Tax Planning
    • Deferred Compensation Plans
    • Buy/Sell Arrangements
    • Business Continuity
    • Captive Insurance Companies
    • Employee Retirement Plan Design and Management
    • Merger and Acquisition Preparation
    • Key Man Insurance