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Investment Management

Wealth Navigation’s investment philosophy is to construct portfolios with behavioral characteristics of underlying holdings at the forefront. The performance of these asset categories in times of stress is essential to asset protection and consistency of portfolio returns.

We divide our portfolios into three primary asset categories: equity-based, fixed-based and
non-correlated-based investments. Within these three categories we go deeper into 14 asset classes to create true diversification. We have found that portfolios designed in this manner are more consistent. Portfolio stabilization increases primarily due the proper use of the non-correlated investments and the complimentary nature of the asset classes we recognize.

The due diligence we perform on funds and their managers sets us apart from other firms. We have a well-defined process and an accredited, experienced investment committee that is able to identify top-tier managers and opportunities for our portfolios. Whether we are reviewing a new alternative hedge fund investment or an international small-cap fund, our experience and our process will highlight top-tier managers.


Executive Consulting

We expect senior management teams of publicly-traded companies to have their interests aligned with the shareholders. Much of their compensation packages reflect this expectation. If there is significant growth in the company stock, significant wealth accumulation may be realized through appropriate planning with these benefit plans.

While several senior executives certainly do not lack the ability to make smart decisions with respect to these benefits, they generally allocate all their time to running their companies and taking care of their families. We have designed a service to cater to the needs of these clients, which ultimately saves them the two most valuable resources they desire—time and money.

Our advisers and support staff are intimately familiar with the intricacies of qualified and nonqualified benefit plans and the planning techniques associated with these. All of this is done with great sensitivity to insider restrictions and/or share ownership requirements instituted by corporate board of directors.

In our experience, the key to providing value to clients engaged in our financial counseling service is to coordinate their corporate benefits with all other financial decisions. This includes estate, gift and wealth transfer planning, tax planning and preparation, liability planning for life and casualty, and education planning for children and grandchildren.

It also includes coordinating the underlying investments of their company plans with investments held outside of those plans. As an independent registered investment advisor, we are able to align ourselves with the interests of our clients as we discuss their overall asset allocation and any recommendations we may make for their portfolios.

The ability to provide objective advice from a holistic point of view, which incorporates your executive benefit plans, provides an additional level of peace to each client and their family. By proactively coordinating and implementing each client’s goals and objectives, time and money are maximized.


Insurance Services

Insurance is one of the most simple ways to protect your family or business in the event of death, disability or other catastrophe.

As part of our in-depth planning and discovery process, Wealth Navigation does a thorough analysis with each client to determine their needs regarding life and disability insurance. We have established our own insurance agency, WN Insurance Group, LLC, and have contracted with some of the most renowned insurance organizations available to offer our clients truly independent choices.

Whether you are part of a corporation and want to know more about certain strategies to insure complicated risk, or a small business that needs to create and fund a buy/sell agreement, our team is experienced and can offer solutions.

Wealth Navigation can help you structure and understand the following insurance strategies:

  • Wealth Transfer

  • Buy/Sell Agreement

  • Private Split-Dollar Arrangements

  • Premium Finance Policies

  • Term Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Universal Life Insurance

  • Variable Universal Life


Retirement Planning

Your vision of retirement is as unique as your fingerprint. At Wealth Navigation, we work with retirees to develop and implement strategies around their unique retirement vision to ensure they don’t outlive their assets. This will allow them to retain the ability pass on what they wish to their children, grandchildren, charity or others. Wealth Navigation has a team of experienced professionals with accreditations such as Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® (CRPC®), Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP™) and more.

We stress test retirement plans with worst-case scenarios using the latest software programs. This helps ensure that our clients understand all risks and that their plans can withstand certain catastrophic events.

We work with retirees to develop and monitor items such as:

  • Retirement Cash Flow Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Wealth Transfer

  • Insurance

  • Social Security Income Benefits

  • Pension Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • Business Transitions


Estate Planning

As you accumulate assets, you can’t help but think about protecting and perpetuating these hard-earned assets. An important part of the Wealth Navigation’s planning process is working with our clients to ensure they have the most efficient structure to make sure their assets are protected and handled according to their wishes after death or incapacitation.

Whether we are establishing a family bank structure or a basic estate plan, we work with clients and their strategic advisors to ensure they are getting the most efficient structure for their needs. We review structure with clients on a regular basis and recommend changes when necessary.

We believe the foundation for any financial decision should be the family philosophy. After we consult with clients to establish this family philosophy we work to make sure it is recognized in any decisions that are made going forward.

We work with other trusted advisors to ensure the following are in place and being used most efficiently:

  • Wills and Trusts

  • Buy-Sell Agreements

  • Medical Directives

  • Powers of Attorney

  • LLC, FLP, S-Corp, C-Corp

Multi-Family Office

The term “family office” has been tossed around by individuals and financial advisors for years, and many definitions and net-worth benchmarks have been created. Typically, we think of an extremely wealthy family with in-house employees who coordinate everything from travel arrangements and dog grooming to investment portfolios and business entities. While there are certainly such offices, we have found that the multi-family office service we provide works very well for most affluent families and saves them a tremendous amount of money and worry.

Our multi-family office service primarily focuses on protecting and perpetuating the financial and intellectual capital created by families over generations. We coordinate tax work and legal, and handle all the investment management for these families. We are constantly working to recommend, implement and monitor the best solutions for the families we work with.

As part of this service, we provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to ensure financial, intellectual and social assets are understood and perpetuated by each member of the family.

Some of the services we provide are:

  •     Financial Reports

  •     Risk Management

  •     Wealth Transfer

  •     Insurance Analysis

  •     Multigenerational Strategies

  •     Institutional Investment Management

  •     Advanced Tax Strategies

  •     Business Transfer Strategies

  •     Philanthropic Planning